Aggregators are entities that collect information from a wide range of sources with or without prior arrangements and add value by providing post-aggregation services. Usually information aggregators collect information from various sources such as the Internet, diverse databases, company websites and also in person. Aggregation is a new word in business world. These organizations aggregate either product or service. Information aggregation is a new phenomenon, either. For example Bus, Airline, Rail Ticketing aggregators, Hotel aggregators, home care nursing aggregators etc.


The legacy systems face the following challenges:

  • Remote monitroing of products and services quality.
  • Registering/Verification and complaince of services and products offered.
  • No live tracking facility of the field employee’s to allot visits.
  • Lack of visibility of activities performed by field employee on the service and product.
  • Measure of touch points and product or services coverage.
  • Has no/minimal measurement and monitoring of the field staffs performance.
  • Data quality and adoption of mobility tools due to technology limitations.

Solutions by EFFORT

EFFORT has successfully provided a winning solution with its comprehensive functionalities to cross its barrier’s and improve field productivity. Effort has efficiently handled the following challenges:

  • Configure activities and guide field employees to report activities performed with ease.
  • Continuous updates from field personnel helps in monitoring visits and movements.
  • Handy application helps field personnel with better adoption and handle compliance with proofs of performance with products and services.
  • Automated updates assist in formulating instant reports and get improved coverage.
  • Getting organized with the field team by assigning and monitoring the compliance .


Implementing the feature rich EFFORT helped in the following ways:

  • Scheduled visits increased 25% efficiency in cost.
  • Increased in-house staff utilization by 20%.
  • 100% visibility of Field visits increased their productivity.
  • Reporting and dashboard solutions with a click of the button.
  • Visits and route planning and 100% coverage of products and services.
  • 15% time saving on the activities by monitoring the field force.