Automate Field Operations with Configurable Forms

Automate Field Operation with Configurable Forms


EFFORT’s flexible form design allows organizations to instantly configure field data capture needs with ease. EFFORT allows creating unlimited forms as needed to assist capture data on the field. With the enhanced approval workflow design within the form configuration, EFFORT provides the unique opportunity to completely automate your field business approval process with only one-time configuration. Forms of an adaptive and dynamic nature allows the organizations to modify their business operations at any time without thinking about any customization and development effort.


  • Saves time in consolidation of data collected from the field.
  • Reduces rework by dynamically validating data input on the mobile.
  • Provides unmatched flexibility with configurable setting as per the business requirement.
  • Huge cost savings with all activities getting recorded as per the defined business process.
  • Flexibility in defining forms workflow visibility based on employee role/group assignments.
  • Saves customization costs by enabling changes per business needs any time without any hassles.