Compliance Management

Compliance Management


Compliance Management enhances the performance of your organization by empowering your organization with a unified approach that integrates all your compliance processes and links itback to the organization strategy. Regulatory as well as corporate compliance requirements demand organizations to conform to large number of rules, laws, policies and standards. EFFORT compliance management enables the organization to define their compliance standard and enforce the field employees to satisfy the rules.


Increase in compliance standards
Increase in fraud management
More concrete evidence


  • Improve the compliance standard
  • Digital proof of the compliance measurements
  • Decrease in failure rates Increase in employee loyalty
  • Instance access to the proofs Improve customer satisfaction.


  • Fatal parameter to measure the compliance standard
  • Evaluate and measure organizational compliance with the various audits
  • Perform cross analysis on compliance requirements with the multimedia capture
  • Alert the field users to complete the compliance activity
  • Enhance compliance through continuous survey and verification
  • Track risk with the enhanced reports