Healthcare is a very critical industry where timelines are priorities. Finest care is provided to customers with utmost priority, integrity and compassion. The importance of customer relationships and communication with field force personnel is of utmost importance for effective decision making.The Healthcare organizations confront problems such as increase in the cost of logistics, hazards in transporting samples and timely response to samples or patients. Incorporating field force helps Healthcare organizations inimprovising the pathology logistics to prevent damage & delays of specimens and provide steady client / caregiver planning to increase client relationship making lives stress-free while enhancing high productivity and revenue. Tracking consultants was a tough job. Transprting care takers and samples was another challenge.


Healthcare industry faces a lot of challenges using their legacy system. Following are the problems faced by healthcare companies:

  • No live tracking facility of the field employee’s to schedule calls.
  • Lack of visibility of field personnel hindered instant reporting.
  • No online collection of proof ofcheque/card/cash collections .
  • Field personnel and sample safety is uncertain.
  • Minimal/no view of field force caused duplications of visits.
  • Has no/minimal measurement and monitoring of the field staffs performance.

Solutions by EFFORT

EFFORT has successfully provided a winning solution with its comprehensive functionalities tocross its barrier’s and improve field productivity. Effort has efficientlyhandled the following challenges:

  • Live feed of employee movement to track the employee activity over the field.
  • Continuous updates from field personnel helps in allotting or scheduling calls.
  • Handy application helps field personnel to handle collection of proofs from clients.
  • Automated updates assist in formulating instant reports.
  • Ensure the knowhow of field personnel to track the samples and hence their safety.


Implementing the feature rich EFFORT helped in the following ways:

  • Scheduled visits increased 25% efficiency in cost.
  • Increased in-house staff utilization by 20%.
  • 100% visibility of nurses/technicians increased their productivity.
  • Reporting and dashboard solutions with a click of the button.
  • Choice of nurse/technician by patient helped in providing finest care to the patient.
  • 15% time saving on the activities by monitoring the field force.
  • Increase in the capability of tracking patients by doctors to assist and monitor.