Blend of Experience and Expertise.

Management Team

Rama Krishna Reddy

C. Rama Krishna Reddy

Founder-Director and CEO

Popularly known as Ram, he is responsible for executing the business strategy and spearheading the overall performance and growth of the organization. Being an experienced technology entrepreneur and developer, Ram has steered Spoors to make it India’s premier field force productivity enhancement applications development company. Ram and his co-founder have been instrumental in developing the flagship product – EFFORT, with the intent to provide customers easy, fast and a scalable application to manage their field force.

A true technology genius with over 18 years of technical experience in the fields of business intelligence, application development and information technology. Ram started his career as a developer at Compuware. His background on hosting and his cutting edge technology expertise gives him a unique perspective and edge into new product development.

Ram has been the Director of BI group at Microsoft (responsible for developing solutions that pushed Microsoft products (SQL Server 2005 - all components, Katmai {SQL Server 2008}, Performance Point, BSM, Proclarity), Managing Director and CEO at Ayansys Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Development Manager and IT Manager at Intel and Manager at BI, BPM and EAI/B2B groups.

Tirumala Rao Bokka

Tirumala Rao Bokka

Founder-Director and CTO

Tiru has an extensive experience in product management and technological invention across verticals encompassing communications, computing, and software development. He works closely with the business units to create and deliver technology-driven solutions. Tiru has about two decades of rich experience in the IT industry in various roles. He extends his business knowledge to align technology-related decisions with the organization's goals. Together with his co-founders, Tiru has managed to revolutionize the platforms by developing the technology allowing customers to easily obtain relevant functionalities. His expertise lie in executing growth strategy initiatives, enhancing sales capability and designing, and executing large transformation programs and across finance and accounting, business process management and sales solutions / capability functions.

Tiru has been involved in product development since early 90's with DSET Corporation, Network programs Pvt. Ltd, Ayansys Solutions Pvt. Ltd and many technology parks in India. In addition to his successful application development, Tiru has donned an entrepreneurial cap by co-founding Amplisoft Pvt. Ltd.

Tiru’s years of experience focuses in the product development so that the complex technology that powers the platform stays behind the curtain, keeping the user experience clean, simple, and quick. His strong technical skills, innovative vision, out-of-the-box thinking and attention to even the minutest details contributed for his successful streak.

Vijay CH

Vijay CH


Responsible for leading the execution of strategies developed by the top management, Vijay has ensured Spoors has flourished with his strategic leadership and effectiveness in doing day-to-day, hands-on directing and leading of the business, and direct and teach and coach others. He has been instrumental in overseeing the ongoing business operations within Spoors.

His vast experience in infrastructure management, IT initiatives, technical and business operations within two decades of career has been the driving force behind the successful scaling of the company's operations from a small start-up into a national company serving tens of hundreds of users. Prior to joining Spoors, Vijay was the Operations Head at Tanla and held responsible positions at Intelli Group and STPI. Vijay gives utmost commitment to develop and implement the strategic and company's growth objectives and goals.