Manufacturing companies cater to the industrial needs of many other companies. There is a constant demand for products and that demand is met by these Manufacturing companies who provide raw materials and other components. Manufacturing provides material support for national infrastructure and defense.


The Manufacturing industry also faces many challenges using their legacy system. Following are the problems faced by them:

  • Legacy systems could not track the visibility of the field force personnel on the field.
  • Legacy system does not have the option to plan and achieve sales call target, increases redundancy in calls.
  • Legacy system had problems with monitoring and reporting of sales in manufacturing.
  • The sales of the manufacturing company decreases due to lack of marketing to retail outlet.
  • Manufacturing companies are unable to measure the distributor and retail stock.
  • Scheduling of routine, adhoc and recurring service activities and getting real-time updates of service results
  • Attendance tracking of Field employees

Solutions by EFFORT

EFFORT has successfully provided a winning solution with its comprehensive functionalities which helped manufacturing companies to improve their productivity and sales.

  • Monitoring and measurement of product supply and demand by analyzing the distributor’s performance in the field. Ordering and collection helps manufacturing companies to do so.
  • Continuous updates of the retail outlets stock and view on the map for the better brand positioning.
  • Complete automate product from the manufacture to retail store with respect to supply and demand.
  • Improved and enhanced field staff performance measurement with the help of EFFORT.
  • EFFORT helps to track the delivers and the routes using GPS or the mobile data.
  • EFFORT helped log, assign and monitor the progress of service calls till closures.


Using EFFORT the sales of the manufacturing companies have increased and so the revenue of the company also increases

  • The EFFORT app facilitates real time storing of enormous amount of customer information with their requirements, inclinations and updates facilitating the sales team to well establish their potential leads.
  • EFFORT optimizes and automates the order and collection process which saves time to the manufacturing companies.
  • EFFORT increases the productivity of the manufacturing companies by monitoring and measuring the retail outlet.
  • EFFORT helps to schedule the sales calls and assign the job.