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With EFFORT+, we empower Mahindra Finance Ltd with Mobile workforce IT solutions

For financial services industry Mobile workforce or Field, Employees is a very significant aspect to deal with. They are considered as foot soldiers that represent a Company as the first point of contact. So, it is quite important for them to do smart work for the business requirement. And, so Field Force Management, today, has become an undeniable necessity of financial institutions. The institutions always ensure to have smooth working Field Force Management.


August 2017

Time Tracking is Not Policing

Ever been asked the question, "What were you doing all day long? List out the things that you did?" It is a humiliating question for most and in general no one enjoys responding to it, especially when they have done all the grunt work.


July 2017

Wherever you go, Spoors will follow your movement

Hyderabad: Hyderabadis are used to company executives -- be it cable operators, electricians, or for that matter anybody who comes to our home or office to service our requirements, saying that he will be reaching in two minutes.More often than not, these two minutes stretch into hours and in cases even days. While it is the field staff that is responsible for the delay, we all end up cursing the company and it is this problem that Hyderabad-based Spoors is trying to address.


June 2017

“We would love for ISRO to use our software” – Ramanan Subramani, Spoors

In the technology driven business environment today, India Inc. is deriving huge benefit from companies that are helping make their operations more efficient. These companies are not just assisting in maximising productivity for their client companies, but also better organisation into the system. Team Estrade spoke to Ramanan Subramani of Spoors. Following are the excerpts of our conversation with Ramanan.


May 2017

Pioneer in Innovative field force management solutions

Spoors, established in April, 2013 is a unique player in the enterprise activity management space and India’s leading Technology Company. Ever since its inception, Spoors has been constantly innovating solutions by putting CIOs and CXOs business needs as a key catalyst and has built the solution that evolved from a Tracking and Monitoring solution to a Field Force Service Management, to a complete Enterprise Activity Management and Automation toolkit.


February 2017

Building a futuristic & mobile workforce

The team at Spoors believes in maximizing field productivity through intelligent allocation and management of on field activities. The flagship product, EFFORT+ is short for Effortless Field Force Optimization and Reporting Toolkit. It is a comprehensive, flexible, domain-agnostic, and versatile software that lets users manage even the most complex field activities at any time of the day.


February 2017

India Inc.’s Union Budget 2017 Reactions

Our initial reaction is that this is a bold and commendable budget that focuses on digitization and growth for the nation at large!


February 2017

Spoors- This Company Is Leaving Its Trail Everywhere

Here is a difference between walking the talk and just talking about the walk. Spoors literally does both with its founders vision of making enterprise mobility into a big success. Geared for a futuristic workforce with an eye for green, the company lead by Ramakrishna is going places and is just getting started at that!


The former Microsoft director who tossed a coin to decide if he should quit his startup

The road to success is never hunky dory. Sometimes Probability games work wonderfully well. More so in the zone of entrepreneurship!! Ramakrishna our CEO does it in style even when the going got tough!! A true inspiration for the 50 odd young minds that work at Spoors! He is going to inspire several more at Tech in Asia 2016, Jakarta this November!


Spoors Wins the NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award

Spoors received the NASSCOM Emerge 50 2014 award for being a leading provider of enterprise field mobility solutions in India at the 2014 NASSCOM Product Conclave held in Bengaluru recently. The award is a recognition of Spoors' accomplishments in the domain of enterprise field mobility solutions as one of the top 50 innovative and emerging software product-centric companies in India.


Spoors, one of India's First Self Service Field Workforce Management Solution Providers Have Announced Their Latest Product Release with Complete Support for all Local Languages - EFFORT 3.0

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Hyderabad, India, August 5, 2014 /PRNewswire

Spoors Wins the NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award for Pioneering the Enterprise Field Mobility Solutions

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Hyderabad, India, December 15, 2014 /PRNewswire

In the ‘Good for Organization’ category, the winners were:

Spoors Technology Solutions India (Sub-category – Outstanding Contribution in Digital Start-up Innovators)

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