Telecommunication is a very important tool for businesses nowadays. According to the Department of Telecommunication of India (DoT), as on March 2015, India has 302.35 million internet connections. Major sectors of the Indian telecommunication industry are telephony; internet and television broadcast Industry in the country which is in an ongoing process of transforming into next generation network. The increase in sophistication of smart phones makes mobile telecommunication an integral part of a wider communication capability.


The Telecomindustry face a lot of challenges using their legacy system. Following are the problems faced by them

  • Incapable of solving customer issues faster.
  • Field Engineers and technicians were dispatched using a variety of outdated in-house tools.
  • Inaccurate data regarding the location of field personnel and delayed job updates.
  • Delays in receiving important reports on time.
  • Unable to track the availability of field work force easily.
  • Difficulty in Manpower Scheduling using in-house tools.
  • Difficulty in reaching the customer on time, due to lack of route map.

Solutions by EFFORT

EFFORThas successfully provided a winning solution with its comprehensive functionalities that have helped telecommunication companies to improve their productivity and sales.

  • EFFORT allows tracking the location and availability of your work force using GPS.
  • Instant submission of maintenance, conveyance, service, installation and conveyance reports.
  • EFFORT delivers instant job updates to Service Engineers and Managers keeping them up-to-date on all the activities undertaken.
  • EFFORT can be easily configured for effective scheduling of man power.
  • EFFORT gave access to reports that helped them make faster and better informed decisions.


  • Increase in productivity by 100% because of efficient call scheduling.
  • Instant availability of reports for operation and maintenance for eventual action, using EFFORT.
  • 100% swifter customer response time thereby giving more customer delight.
  • Instant field force availability reporting to the Managers for quicker response.
  • Customer place can be easily reached with driving directions available in the mobile which gives a cost saving of 15%.