Field verification is the process of verifying the reported parameters against the actuals and documenting the actual parameters of any given person, facility or organization. These verifications can be backgorund verification checks, Account / Customer Verifications, Accidenct Case Verification, Know Your Customer(KYC), Field investigations and more.


Verification industry faces challenges with the quality of data collected and the integrity of the data. The data needs is often not authentic and secure. The data doesn’t reach in time for further processing and reporting the results in time for decision-making.

  • Quality of data collected has many errors and is not validated at collection point.
  • Reported data is not authentic or made up.
  • Field verification visit has not happened.
  • Manually collecting documents and missing documents.
  • Collected information not reaching on time or in desired format.
  • Every company has different needs of what data to be collected.

Solutions by EFFORT

EFFORT has successfully provided a winning solution with its comprehensive Mobility Solutions which makes it very easy to perform these verifications with Geo Tagged, Time Stamped, High Quality Data with ease using the Field employees’ mobile devices:

  • Orgnisation can easitly configure Field Verification process with Ease.
  • Support for Various type of Data Collection includes Videos, Audios, Images Signatures etc.
  • Mobile Based validation can be configured easily and enforced in offline mode.
  • Offline availability of Case information and capture of case related data using Mobile.
  • Bulk / Automated / manual assignment of verification cases to Field Employee.
  • Instant updates of Data collected on Field and easy access to all the information to managers and Back office employees.
  • Integrates with the exiting Systems for Pulling and updating case information.


Implementing the feature rich EFFORT helped in the following ways:

  • Increased efficiency by planning routes.
  • 100% no paper work.
  • 80% improvement in data Quality.
  • 70% increased in TAT.
  • 100% visibility of vehicles increased productivity.